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LED Einbaustrahler


LED lightring product line

We expanded the product line of our LED lightrings!

Beside the known wallmounted and pendant luminaires, we expanded the product line with elegant recessed rings, desk and standing luminaires.

Download "Lightrings broschure"



LED Einbaustrahler  

LED Einbaustrahler


LED Einbaustrahler

In-trac-Spotlight TUBE 95

The TUBE 95 spotlight in optimized design.

By using an "in-trac" adapter, we are able to reduce the design because nocontrol gear is needed beside the head of the spotlight.

Just the head is visible and can be extended with various accessoires..

Datasheet "TUBE 95 in-trac"

Spotlight extension "ZOOOM"

Tool-free changeable adapter for track spotlights turn your existing spotlight into a multipurpose lighting tool. Suitable for every TUBE 95 spotlight.

Focussed spotlight for presentation of goods or wide beamfor illumination can be choosen by turning the attached adapter.

Datasheet "Spotlight extension ZOOOM"

Catalogue downloads

"Retail & Gallery" offers track and recessed spotlights, wallwasher and cove lighting.

"Office & Architecture" inculdes downlights, profile- and office lightings and spotlights.

"Industry & Works" presents lighting solutions fpr industry, production and warehouses.

"Lichtrings" shows expanded product range and new products.

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LED Einbaustrahler

  LED Lichtringe

Low-priced LED track spotlight

The new LED track spotlight 11650 is the low-priced model of the known spotlight 11620

A evenly look is achieved by reducing the outer cooling ribs, without loosing quality of illumination.

Lichttechnisch überzeugt das günstigere Modell aber ebenso wie sein "großer Bruder".

Datasheet "LED track spotlight 11650"



LED recessed spotlights

These LED spotlights can fulfil completely different tasks – ranging from glare-free general lighting to variable, point-precise light
accents. The spotlights can be rotated through 350° and tilted between 30° and 50°. The product range was designed as flexible
lighting tools and features a uniform luminaire design with three variants, two sizes and five light distribution characteristics.

Download "Office & Architecture"


LED lightrings

Seeger proves its feeling for design with this luminaire range. 

The light unit in the form of a ring achieves a high recognition factor with the wall, suspended and floorlamp versions. Thanks to its timeless, functional design the light ring can also be integrated into a wide variety of interiors.

Download "Lightrings broschure"




Innovative lighting technology meets timeless design: this luminaire series features direct-indirect beam standard lamps and pendant luminaires. Using the new type of LED ceramic technology, these luminaires meet all the requirements for workplace lighting and ambient lighting. Glare control conformant to lighting standards is achieved using micro-prisms. Their high longevity (L90/B10) allows you to make savings right from the project planning stage; and their failure rate and aging factor are virtually insignificant.


LED Katalog

With these luminaires, the energy consumption of an office project can be reduced from the outset.

PDF LED Einleitung   LED OFFICE 01 (08/2013)


LED Katalog


LED Shopstrahler


PDF LED Einleitung   LED Shop light (08/2013, 0,7 MB)



Perfect showcasing of your products combined with the highest efficiency – luminaire systems using LED technology offer very low running costs and a very long service life. Since no IR or UV radiation is produced, the light is kind on your products. As a result, the turnaround of display items is reduced and this therefore lowers the material costs too. The improved ambiance means your customers are more likely to stay longer, and this can therefore help increase sales. In terms of procurement costs, LED shop spotlights are virtually the same price as conventional lighting systems.




This product range is characterised by modern, straight-lined design combined with innovative technology. Universally usable as a surface-mounted,
recessed or pendant luminaire

PDF TUBE90 1154 LED TUBE 90, 1154 (0,3 MB)

less CO2, less energy




LED Kardan 1320 Projektfoto



LED Tube 90



The efficiency of LEDs has greatly increased and, depending on the application, up to
100 Im/W can now be attained. This high efficiency has been achieved thanks to the highest production quality and the most advanced technologies. Like conventional light sources, LEDs gradually show a drop in light intensity with the passage of time.
When they emit only 70% of their original
light output, they are deemed to have reached the end of their service life. Under normal operating conditions this will be an impressive 50,000 hours, which is considerably more than otherm lamps.


PDF LED Einleitung  LED Introduction (2,2 MB) 10.2011

LED cardanic recessed spotlight

Universally usable luminaire system for general
large-area lighting and for perfect, scenic
presentation of goods.Features the latest
generation LED chips for brililant light.
No UV light, no thermal load. Very marginal
cut-off screening of the beam.

LED Kardan 1320

LED Katalog LED-Downlight 1296 Project kassio-e project

LED Catalogue 2011

The current trends in architecture are:
energy-saving, environment and sustainability, making it precisely the right time for product innovations in lighting technology.

With our new LED catalogue, released in June 2011, we present to you a large number of highly varied and innovative LED luminaires for the indoor area.

The catalogue is available both in printed form and also online.
PDF LED Katalog  PDF Download

LED-Downlight 1296

These luminaires make an individual statement thanks to their unique surface finish. This is particularly augmented by their conically machined light aperture and the use of optical quality lenses.


Dual light with the KASSIO-E light panel. The combined use of two different LED lighting technologies allows the implementation of variable lighting moods.


LED Kassio-E


LED Downlight

These newly developed recessed luminaires now allow LEDs to even be used universally for general lighting. With a luminous flux of between 800 and 5000 lumen and a functional life of approximately 50,000 hours, they are the light source of the future. Specially developed reflectors, which are over 90% efficient, are used with these luminaires. Exactly adjusted control gear units drive the LEDs and monitor both the passive and the active thermal management – including any cooling-fan control.

LED Triple

Featuring a solid aluminium disc with a prestigious brushed finish as an aesthetic detail, these luminaires use powerful and economical light emitting diodes (LEDs) as an innovative replacement for low-voltage halogen lamps in decorative areas. Wide-beam, directed light and also diverse beam characteristics are produced by using ultra-modern lens systems. They are powerful, with up to 800 lumen, and are available in the light colours of 3000° Kelvin and 4000° Kelvin.


Wallwashers are used where vertical or horizontal surfaces require uniform, even illumination or accentuation. Walls and other surfaces delineating an area are made visible, making the area more tangible. The uniform illumination of flat surfaces is an important building block of architectural lighting and an instrument of every qualitative lighting design. Our luminaire series covers products for recessed installation in walls, floors and ceilings.


Cove luminaires

Featuring a slim design for particularly narrow installation conditions. The clip fixing for the lamps facilitates maintenance for inaccessible light shelves.

Lichtvoute 1500, Lichtvoute 1506

In modern architecture luminous ceilings and coved lighting have become discerning design features. They are the basis of a homogenous lighting design with a character similar to daylight. When implementing such lighting, it is important to prevent the characteristic dark zones in the gaps from one lamp to the next by overlapping the lamps.

Strip lighting

The plastered-in mounting allows the luminaire to be fully integrated into the building structure. To achieve a perfect result, the luminaires must be mounted and fitted with the utmost care. The expansion joint mentioned here is an absolute necessity.